Fashion & beauty

The evolution of fashion will always be a function of the different beauty concepts that shape the trends of each era. Clothing looks, fashion accessories and make-up, among others, will define you in terms of beauty.

Daily beauty rituals to follow

When you get out of bed in the morning, what you see in the mirror is your natural beauty. Don’t panic. After your daily cleansing, you can continue with your regular skin care routine and look good all day.

The most important step in caring for your face is makeup. Depending on your skin type and skin tone, there are different types of makeup. Without being a specialist, a makeup tutorial can help you.

However, the beauty ritual also consists of removing makeup and applying the natural face care that you need and that highlights.

Cocooning & Self care is an essential way of life!

The right

Beauty care: the must-have of the moment!

The peeling technique

Often used by beauticians, peeling techniques consist of removing dead skin on parts of your face to camouflage facial defects.


Beauty products come in several varieties, depending on your skin type and on the goal you’re seeking to achieve. Use the right make-up.

Magnetic false lashes

Your eyes require special treatment to be well highlighted. Mascara, eye pencil, eyelash extensions, eye makeup, all require work.

Make-up removal wipes

Beauty products require time and money. Today’s fashion accessories are made of recyclable and reusable items, such as make-up remover wipes.

Organic shampoo

To attend to your hair care routine, you can buy beauty products that have certified organic labels. Nowadays, beauty factories tend to drop chemical components

Depilatory wax

Like any treatment for body, face care, hair removal the trend is also to use natural organic cosmetic products for better results.

How to make your hair look stunning?

Hair can enhance or ruin your entire figure. To put all the chances on your side, use appropriate products for your hair care.

Choosing the right haircut

Choosing the right haircut

Choosing the right shampoo

Choosing the right shampoo

Using your hair dryer properly

Adopt volumizing products

Volumizing hair products



Besides your everyday rituals, wellness sessions contributes to your beauty.
Regular relaxation exercises also keep you in good shape, find more tips on


Beautiful and stylish at any age


The right style of clothing

The habit does not make the monk. Nonetheless, adopting the dress code that corresponds to your figure will make you stand out. Know how to recognize the useful items in your wardrobe.s

The right style of make-up

The right style of make-up

Make-up style allows you to define your personality. The right products ensure that your complexion is always radiant. You can also try permanent make-up.


The right style of jewellery

Fashion accessories are useful to add a little extra to your appearance. Even so, knowing how to adopt the right jewellery requires some thoughts.

A healthier lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle

Beauty products

Beauty products alone are not enough to keep you looking your best forever. They can camouflage facial blemishes for a while, but the most important thing is to adopt a much healthier lifestyle.