How do you activate the growth of those eyelashes?

As one of your most important facial features, eyelashes are one of the first things people notice, and they also emphasize the basic features of eye size, shape and colour. Perhaps that's why eyelashes have grown into a billion-euro industry in recent years. More and more women are willing to change their lashes and increase their length and volume. So how can you activate eyelash growth?


Your lashes have a short growth cycle and this cycle varies from person to person, so it's not necessarily something that can be changed. But the best way to stimulate hair growth in your body is through the food you eat. If you don't eat properly, you will lose your hair. Adding foods rich in protein, biotin and vitamins C, A and E to your diet can help promote, repair and activate eyelash growth. Eggs, nuts, berries, spinach, avocado, sweet potatoes and salmon are all important sources of these nutrients. Eating these healthy foods regularly is good for your skin and hair (including eyelashes). You should also take multivitamins to supplement the nutrition you lack each day.

Take care of your eyelashes

If you take care of the eyelashes you have, they'll take care of you. Preserve your lashes during their pause cycle (between growth and loss cycles), which is a longer period of time than the other hairs on your body. Removing your makeup, brushing your lashes and avoiding eyelash curlers are good habits that will activate lash growth. Eyelid massage can also offer some benefits, increasing blood flow to the eyelids. Keep in mind that the skin on the eyelids is the thinnest, so be very gentle whenever you handle them.

Lash conditioners

You can use an eyelash conditioner. Learn about the best oils for lash growth and create your own lash conditioner at home. Castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil and vitamin E are all excellent options for lash growth. Tip: The next time you run out of mascara, rinse the tube thoroughly and fill it with castor oil, a little vitamin E oil and rosemary essential oil. Shake it well and apply every night before going to bed, rinsing it off in the morning. Although this won't make your lashes grow overnight, it will strengthen your lashes while you sleep and even swell them slightly to make them appear thicker.
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