How to use mascara on eyelash extensions?

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Eyelash extensions are an absolute game changer in the world of beauty. The curled-up lashes are hard to ignore, giving the wearer a striking fab look in a split second. The question many ladies are left to grapple with is; if you have lash extensions can you wear mascara? The answer is both yes and no, depending on the product and the application formula used. In this text, we break it down to you, explaining what you should look out for. Click here to gain an in-depth understanding of this topic.

Using Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions and mascara are created to do the same job, which is to elongate and enhance the appearance of the lashes. Extensions, however, tend to give an explosive oomph factor with the striking flair they bring. That being the case, the question many women ask is, can I put mascara on eyelash extensions? Well, if you are looking to add volume to the extensions and make them look longer than they are, you can apply mascara. It is important to note that the mascara picked must be oil-free. Keep off waterproof mascara; this one is known to damage the glue holding the lashes together. Every beauty expert will advise you to choose an oil-free formula, one that is non-waterproof, which is also easy to apply and remove without pulling the lashes off.

How to Put Mascara on Lash Extensions

Putting mascara on eyelash extensions requires mastery of the technique than is the case with the normal lashes. Note that the wrong use of mascara can lead to premature damage of the extensions. Begin by using a clean brush to fun out the extensions. You want to separate them carefully to ensure they do not tangle. Then, use your non-waterproof mascara to slowly and smoothly brush back and forth. For every coat applied, be careful to use a different brush to separate the lashes. Otherwise they could get clumped and cause you to accidentally pull them out. Given that extensions are already enhanced, you do not want to put too much mascara or else they could look weird and feel heavy on the eyes. As you brush through, be extra careful not to touch the roots. The application should only take place on the surface for the lift needed.

How should you Remove the Mascara?

When removing the mascara, ensure you are using an oil-free makeup remover. Understand that the wrong ingredients will damage your extensions and cause them to grow feeble, leading to the weakening of the glue holding them to the natural lashes. Also, do not use cotton to remove the mascara. Cotton tends to stick to lashes and can pull them off. While using the oil-free remover, remember to be gentle. If you are looking to get a fierce and bold look, eyelash extensions are your perfect bet. For extra glam, you will be happy to know that you can add an extra touch of oil-free mascara. Take advantage of these tips to maintain a sharp and elegant look.

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