Eyelash Extension: Get more length, material and volume!

Women always dream of having a beautiful eyelash, having a longer, thicker, more curved eyelash. That's why they do an eyelash extension. The eyelash extension is a solution for a woman to have dream eyes. Doing it doesn't waste the time to make up in the morning. It lasts a certain amount of time. How to do it?

The eyelash extension: what is it?

The eyelash extension consists in sticking artificial eyelashes on the base of the lash. The goal is to have a longer and denser eyelash. Artificial eyelashes are added to the lashes. They are synthetic lashes. They are fixed by glues on the natural lashes. Medical glue is the glue used. It is a glue used by surgeons. The eyelash extension can last about 4 to 5 weeks. After doing the eyelash extension, there is no need to do mascara anymore. It does not come off even after sleeping. After a few weeks, when the natural lashes grow, the eyelash extensions fall off.

Choices to make before eyelash extension

You have to choose how to apply the eyelash extension. As each person's eyelashes are different, it is quite normal that everyone has his or her own objective. There are many materials to choose for eyelashes. There are synthetic fibres, mink, silk. Texture and hold vary according to the material of the eyelash extension. The length is to be chosen according to each person's preference. It can vary from 6 to 12 millimetres. A length of the same shape gives a more natural look. To have a doe eye effect, the length of the lashes is different. Those towards the inner corner of the eye are shorter and those towards the outer corner are longer.

Methods to do eyelash extension

There are ways to do an eyelash extension. The eyelash to eyelash method is used to provide length and intensity. The natural lash is added to the synthetic lash. The eyelash extensions are placed on the natural lashes. The natural application is the first one. It consists of doing 1 extension every 3 natural lashes. The refined pose on the other hand is to make 1 extension every 2 lashes. The sophisticated pose is to place 1 lash extension on all natural lashes. The Russian volume method is another method. It extends rather by adding volume and intensity. Lashes are bunches of lash extensions. They are very fine from 2D to 9D. On the Russian volume method, the refined or sophisticated application is done.
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