Vegan diet: any repercussions on the skin?

Many people today are adopting a vegetarian diet. The aim is to reduce or eliminate animal products such as meat, eggs, etc. from the diet.  As with any diet, with this one, practitioners can run health risks. The body does not receive all the nutrients it needs to function and stay in shape. Thousands of people who choose this eating habit ask themselves the same question: is there a link between skin care and vegan diet?

Insufficient diet leads to deficient skin

Since the vegetarian diet eliminates from the daily diet all the animal products that contribute to the proper functioning of the body, it is normal for the body to weaken. As a result, vitamin B deficiency causes poor oxygenation of the facial skin. The complexion becomes dull and even pale. However, hair and nails also become brittle. The beauty of the skin and the vegan diet do not go hand in hand. In addition to reducing the elasticity of the skin, the lack of zinc and iodine also leads to the appearance of dark circles. This causes swelling of the eyelids. On the other hand, insufficient hydration can cause the skin to lose its suppleness and wrinkles to appear.

Vegan diet: the supplements needed to avoid dry skin

Following a vegetarian diet requires some knowledge and understanding of nutrients. Indeed, finding a good balanced diet with this type of diet is not easy. This often creates repercussions between skin and vegan diet. To avoid this kind of worries, it is essential to take dietary supplements based on vitamin B12, zinc, iodine, omega 3, vitamin D, etc. Not only does all this contribute to the development of the skin, but also improves the functioning of the nervous system and the formation of red blood cells in your blood.

Special care for vegetarians

For people with skin problems and vegan dieting, know that there are cosmetic tips to remedy it. Indeed, specialists have developed specific care to help you have a perfectly healthy skin. For this, it is preferable to apply an antioxidant and sunscreen every morning to protect yourself from environmental aggressions. Then, in the evening, experts recommend using a dry skin cream as well as moisturizing serums every night to boost the radiance of your epidermis. For a long-term treatment, it's best to cleanse your skin thoroughly every month. This helps to stimulate your blood microcirculation. The final treatment consists of restoring "radiance and tone" to your skin through microneedling sessions.
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