Fashion trend: this year we’re wearing Classic Blue!

The Classic Blue or Pantone is back in force this year to fill your dressing room. It's important to know the trendy colours that you can match with your look. This colour represents qualities that can make you stand out while staying trendy. Find out how to wear it and match it to your outfit and what it means.

Classic Blue fashion: trend of the year 2020

The Classic Blue or Pantone fashion has currently appeared on all its forms. It is a colour between indigo and electric blue with a timeless, durable and elegant character. In addition, blue is known for its soothing effects in its cool hue. It has a real meaning in fashion that gives a reassuring feeling. Indeed, it recalls the shadow of the sky before sunrise which gives it a cheerful tone. Thus, it symbolizes hope, serenity and confidence for the future. The trend is going to focus on this pantone colour as it represents a visionary touch in fashion. Moreover, Classic Blue has already dominated the catwalks and now it will be present for decades to come.

Tips to showcase yourself in Classic Blue

You have to know how to wear the Classic Blue to have the perfect and trendy style. It is possible to integrate this colour not only in fashion but also in cosmetics. Some people even choose to wear it in the interior decoration of their home. It is especially popular in the feminine field, you can showcase yourself with Classic Blue fashion. In addition, you can choose to wear it to countless rooms to be trendy with this color. Especially since Classic Blue brings a touch of pep to the silhouette thanks to its shade. It's a strong piece that should be worn with the rest of your outfit. You must combine it with good colours such as black for example. This one will bring a classy, chic and elegant touch. Do not forget to take into account your morphology for a perfect result of the whole.

How to wear the Classic Blue?

You can of course adopt Classic Blue fashion with the help of clothes, bags and accessories. You can enhance your look by opting for the coat, a timeless piece. Large items such as jackets and big sweaters are perfectly trendy in this colour. You can also try it on in jeans if you like to wear them, it will give a bright tone to your style. Other trendy pieces allow you to wear this colour like skirt, shirt, sweater, etc. In addition, you can make a total look by opting for a sublime pantsuit for lovers of Classic Blue. In shoes or as an accessory, Classic Blue works wonders to bring the trendy touch.
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