What’s a pregnancy bola for?

A pregnancy bola is an accessory increasingly appreciated by pregnant women. It is a necklace with a pendant that is most often worn on the rounded belly of a pregnant woman. It is a lucky charm used in Indonesia and Mexico. But what is a pregnancy bola really used for?

What is a pregnancy bola?

The pregnancy bola is a jewel from Indonesia. According to tradition, this necklace is intended for a mother-to-be in the first weeks of pregnancy. In Indonesia, it is called bolan bola. In France, this particular jewel is called "appel des anges". It is worn as a lucky charm for the future baby and for the pregnant woman. This jewel is composed of a long chain and a pendant in the shape of a ball. The chain is usually a ribbon or cord. It emits a small relaxing and soothing tinkling that is perceived by the baby who is in utero. This is why the woman wears it from the first weeks of pregnancy.

How do I use a pregnancy bola?

In several countries, pregnant women wear a specific jewel to be in contact with their baby. This is a kind of tradition that has been passed down over the years. It is called a pregnancy bola. To be more effective, this necklace must be placed against the future mother's belly. The pendant of this necklace should be about 110 cm long. It can be adjusted as desired, regardless of the type of cord material: leather, fabric ribbon or cotton. For this reason, as the belly increases in volume until the baby is born, it is advisable to choose an adjustable cord. After the baby's birth, this necklace can be hung on the baby's stroller or cot so that the baby can hear the familiar music that he or she has become accustomed to again.

What is a pregnancy bola used for?

The pregnancy bola is mainly used to bond with the baby in utero. It is also used to communicate with the fetus through the sound it produces. As the sound is soft and relaxing, the baby feels all the positive vibrations. The sound thus transmitted by the beads has a reassuring and soothing effect on the baby. To put him in the best conditions, it is important to wear it from the 20th week of pregnancy until the birth. The bola is an excellent birth gift. Many mothers, after the baby is born, slip it inside a cuddly toy or simply hang it on the cradle so that the baby can hear and recognize it after birth.  This jewel is also an aesthetic accessory. Even when the child grows, you can still wear it as a simple accessory.
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