How to remove make-up with water?

To avoid the risk of wrinkles and other problems that are related to the clogging of facial skin pores with make-up, the golden rule has always been to remove make-up well every day. But good make-up removal often requires the use of a ton of cotton wool, and selecting a good make-up remover that will neither irritate nor irritate the skin often gets in the way. This is why using water to remove make-up is the best solution. It does not contain chemicals and is not likely to be aggressive to the skin.

What tools are needed?

Only two tools are needed to remove make-up with water. First, you need water. Whether it's bottled water, filtered water or tap water; it will do the trick, it just has to be drinkable. It is still advisable that the water be lukewarm, so it must be heated. Next, you need a make-up remover towel. The make-up remover towel is very fashionable at the moment, which means that it won't be difficult to find it in shops that sell all kinds of cosmetic products. There you can get some additional tips.

How does make-up removal work?

When you remove your make-up with water, there are only three simple gestures to remember. The first step is to soak the cleansing towel in warm water. The second step is to wring the make-up remover towel, but not too much so that it can still remain moist enough. And finally, the third step is to bring the cleansing towel to a specific area of the face and make small circular movements. To remove make-up with water, it is advisable to take one's time and not to do it hastily and one should also avoid rubbing the face too hard, so the gesture must be delicate so that the skin is not attacked. The difference will be immediately visible and the part that has been removed will be distinct from the part that is still made up.

What are the advantages of removing make-up with water?

First of all, as it has been said, removing make-up with water does not irritate the skin because the water does not contain any chemical products that can lead to facial skin irritations, but also the polyester towel is so soft that it will give the impression of a caress on the face. After that there are also pecuniary advantages since removing make-up with water doesn't spend a lot of money. It doesn't spend a lot of money because the make-up remover towel can be used several times and is machine washable. However, it is still advisable to wash it after two days of use for hygienic reasons.
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