What’s so special about vegan cosmetics?

Taking care of the body must be an essential part of everyone's daily routine to stay in shape in any circumstance. Currently, many techniques are used to achieve this goal. Also, more and more different cosmetic products can help you to maintain your beauty. These come in several types depending on your individual needs. Discovering the particularities of vegan cosmetics is therefore essential.

No products of animal origin

All the vegans in the world respect animals. In order to do so, they do not use any products of animal origin. This is especially true for cosmetic products. In this order, a vegan beauty product will not contain any products of animal origin. This includes not only animal flesh and fats, but also all related products derived from animals. These include all products from the beehive such as wax, honey or propolis. Milk or products such as carmine are also banned from vegan cosmetics. In the same context, the chemicals generally used for colouring modern cosmetics are not used on any Vegan cosmetics.

Prohibited animal testing

Above all, it is important to know that beauty products must absolutely pass various tests before they are marketed. Usually, tests are first carried out on animals before being carried out on humans. A vegan cosmetic differs from other conventional cosmetics in that it strictly prohibits any testing on animals. In addition, many countries around the world prohibit animal testing. However, some tests are not considered illegal under certain laws. In addition to animal testing, respect for the environment is also a very important point that every Vegan product must respect.

Specific certifications

Certifications ensure the quality of all vegan beauty products in particular. Flora is the main material used for vegan cosmetics. Currently, various certifications can be found in this order. Among the most important, the LCV or Label Certifié Végan. Products with this certification must also detail each component used during the design of the cosmetic in question. In the same order, the Vegan PETA label stands out because it is not established in countries that accept animal testing. Likewise, the E.V.E. certification is also among the best known in the world of vegan cosmetics. This label in particular is also awarded to vegan catering professionals and caterers.
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