What is eyelash enhancement?

At the moment, time is very short so it has become so precious that anything that saves a little time quickly becomes a reference. In the field of aesthetics, more precisely of the eyes, a process allowing to skip several steps like those of eyelash curling and mascara has become quite well known. This procedure is the eyelash enhancement, which may be the best way to save time while having the possibility to have doe eyes with perfect lashes as soon as you wake up and without making any effort. Currently arousing a lot of mistrust towards some women, this article is designed to lighten all her shadowy areas.

How does it work?

First of all, the professional beautician carries out a kind of consultation to determine the shape of the eyes. The objective being to choose the silicone patch that will be adapted to fit the mobile eyelid of the eyes. After this application, she proceeds to the next step, which consists of gluing the eyelashes one by one on the silicone patch. In most cases, using tweezers. A first product will be applied to soften the lashes. Then a second product will be applied after about fifteen minutes of the first product in order to have the curvature of the lashes. When the patch is removed, it is quite normal to have a warming sensation, but this is completely harmless and will disappear on its own.

Is eyelash enhancement not dangerous?

Eyelash enhancement is a procedure that is not at all dangerous and safe. However, it is still advisable to go to a beauty salon or to call a professional so as not to have any problems regarding the steps and the products. It is also strongly forbidden to get your eyes wet, to apply make-up or to remove make-up within twenty-four hours after the procedure. It is also very important to let the eyes rest, so an interval of about two months must be left between each procedure.

What is the expected result?

The result will be similar to that of an eyelash curler, but better because if the eyelash curler starts from the middle to make the curve, with the eyelashes lifting, the curve starts at the base. The look is therefore open and embellishes with lashes that curl beautifully while keeping a natural look. And this result will last about a few months so during these few months the eyelash curves and mascaras will be totally put aside.
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